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betterbody gym paris

Betterbody Gym Paris: Time to train hard

For those on the lookout for a premium fitness experience, the newly unveiled Betterbody Gym Paris promises not just workouts but a transformative journey.

A Cut Above the Rest

Betterbody Gym Paris stands out for several reasons:

  • Adapted Equipment: Recognizing that great workouts begin with top-notch equipment, Betterbody offers professional-grade machinery. Trainees can instantly feel the superior difference as if they’ve brought their home gym, but with an upgraded twist.
  • Physical and Nutritional Assessment: The importance of nutrition alongside rigorous workouts can’t be emphasized enough. Betterbody ensures its members don’t feel exhausted post-workout, maintaining motivation levels and preventing discouragement.
  • Shower and Laundry Facilities: The luxury of premium showers coupled with laundry services ensures members can focus purely on their training sessions.
  • Personal Coaching: The team at Betterbody believes in the power of personal coaching. With expert guidance, lack of motivation or thoughts of giving up become a thing of the past. Their mantra: Make time for YOU.

Expert Guidance

betterbody gym paris

Members can expect the best in the field with experts like:

  • Yannick, an Expert Réathlé
  • Giselle, a renowned Maîtresse Yoga
  • Loan, an Expert in Bodybuilding

Additionally, Betterbody also sheds light on popular workout regimens. They highlight the benefits of running – one of the most favored solo exercises. While many engage in it, very few elevate their level to reap its full benefits. Whether one is a runner or not, Betterbody emphasizes the importance of coaching.

Recent Insights

Betterbody isn’t just a fitness hub; it’s also a fountain of knowledge. Their recent articles provide insights on various topics. A notable piece from July 26, 2023, discusses the impact of starchy foods on health from a naturopathic perspective. Another article from April 10 welcomes visitors to the all-new Betterbody website, hinting at the long-anticipated revamp.

An Invitation

Citing philosopher JJ Rousseau, Betterbody believes in the synergy of a disciplined body and a commanding soul. With its myriad of offerings and a core belief in holistic well-being, Betterbody Gym Paris isn’t just a fitness destination; it’s where transformations begin.

For those keen on starting their journey, Betterbody is soon opening in Paris Saint Lazare, located at Rue des Canettes, Paris 6. Appointments are available from Monday to Sunday.

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