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Bombshell Signature Jacket

Bombshell Signature Jacket Review

When it comes to finding that perfect jacket that bridges the gap between activewear chic and everyday versatility, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. That is until the Bombshell Signature Jacket came along. At €110.00, it might…
Bombshell Longline Backless Bra

Bombshell Longline Backless Bra Review

Let’s get straight into it. The Bombshell Longline Backless Bra isn’t just a piece of activewear; it’s a declaration of confidence, style, and the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym. Priced at €87.00, it’s a premium addition…
Bombshell Two Way Bra

Bombshell Two Way Bra Review

Picture this: a sports bra that not only supports your workout endeavours but also keeps pace with your ever-changing style preferences. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, pinch yourself because the Bombshell Two Way Bra is making that dream a…
Bombshell Viral Tank Bra

Bombshell Viral Tank Bra Review

Diving headfirst into the realm of activewear, it’s not uncommon to be met with the choice of prioritizing either style or functionality. However, every so often, a piece like the Bombshell Viral Tank Bra comes along, blurring those lines and…
Bombshell Butterfly Sports Bra

Bombshell Butterfly Sports Bra Review

The search for the perfect sports bra seems like a never-ending saga for those of us dedicated to our fitness journeys. That is until the Bombshell Butterfly Sports Bra fluttered into my life, priced at a reasonable €80.00. It’s not…
Bombshell Peach Bottoms

Bombshell Peach Bottoms Review

Alright, fashion-forward fitness enthusiasts, let’s dive into something that’s been causing quite the stir – the Bombshell Peach Bottoms. With a price tag of €125.00, these aren’t just any addition to your wardrobe; they’re an investment in elevating your style…
Bombshell Edgy Longline Bra

Bombshell Edgy Longline Bra Review

When Bombshell announced the Edgy Longline Bra, I knew I had to get my hands on it. With a price tag of €87.00, it’s positioned as more than just a piece of workout gear; it’s a statement. Available in XS…
Bombshell Butterfly Rib Tank

Bombshell Butterfly Rib Tank Review

In the world of activewear, the quest for the perfect layering piece can feel endless. Enter the Bombshell Butterfly Rib Tank, a €49.00 slice of style heaven that promises to end your search with a flourish. This piece isn’t just…
Bombshell Twist Mini Bra

Bombshell Twist Mini Bra Review

In the quest for the ultimate workout wardrobe, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of endless sports bras that promise much but deliver little. That was me, until I stumbled upon the Bombshell Twist Mini Bra. Priced at €82.00,…
bombshell reversible tank bra

Bombshell Reversible Tank Bra Review

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. I’ve been on the hunt for that one piece of workout gear that not only supports me through my reps and sets but also vibes with my post-gym look without skipping a beat. And…
body and fit smart protein

Body & Fit’s Smart Protein Drink in Coffee Arabica Flavour

Upon receiving my sample of Body & Fit’s Smart Protein Drink in Coffee Arabica flavour, I was instantly captivated by its chic packaging—a 250ml bottle that exudes convenience. But would this ready-to-drink protein shake live up to its promise and…

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