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Christian Guzman Visits Europes Biggest Gym

Alpha Land owner Christian Guzman recently took to his YouTube channel to share his experience in Europe’s Biggest Gym, Marbella. According to him, his half-acre gym in Houston, Texas, is the world’s biggest gym, but he couldn’t help but wonder what Europe’s biggest gym had to offer.

Better than Alphaland? Owner reviews BIGGEST gym in the world

On his visit to Marbella, he found that the gym didn’t have enough parking space for a gym its size. He felt the owners could have done better with the parking spaces. However, he loved the indoor and outdoor gyms. Although a bit cramped up, he liked its different gym equipment, especially the ellipticals. 

Taking a tour of the gym, he noticed Marbella features paddle courts, an MMA arena and a boxing ring. Also, Marbella has a car wash which he thinks is a great use of the space, a spa, salon, cafe and an outdoor eating area. Christian wrapped up his visit by trying out some of the gym equipment.

Summarising his view of Europe’s biggest gym, Christian had only good things to say. He referred to Marbella as dynamic, with beautiful scenery and amazing equipment. He also loved how affordable the gym membership and day passes are. You can check out his YouTube channel for more content. You can also check out our post on Top 10 Gyms to Visit in Europe.

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