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monaco fit coaching

Everything You Need To Know About Monaco Fit Coaching

Monaco Fit Coaching (MFC), a dynamic Monegasque company founded in September 2020, has rapidly transformed the landscape of traditional fitness practices. Catering to professionals, athletes, and amateurs alike, MFC is dedicated to optimizing performance and providing a unique fitness experience through its innovative solutions.

Key Milestones in MFC’s Journey

monaco fit coaching
  • September 2020: Establishment and First EMS Center: Monaco Fit Coaching was launched, opening its first EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) center in Monaco. This inaugurated their commitment to offering 20-minute personalized indoor sessions, emphasizing well-being.
  • March 2021: Expansion at Monte Carlo Bay: MFC expanded its services with a focus on body care, introducing six new machines including EMS BodysculptingPro, Lipolaser & Pressotherapy, Cryoface & Oxyderm, and Light Therapy.
  • April 2021: Franchise Growth: The brand extended its presence to Beaulieu sur Mer, Saint Laurent du Var, and Nice, marking the beginning of its franchise development.
  • June 2021: Further Expansion: The opening of the 7th center at Colle Sur Loup and the 8th in Logroño, Spain, indicated rapid growth.
  • September 2021 to September 2023: Global Expansion: With projects in Paris, Bordeaux, and internationally, MFC continued to expand, opening its 9th center in Sophia and 10th in Saint Martin du Var.

Innovative Services Offered by Monaco Fit Coaching

  • Electrostimulation: A cutting-edge approach to fitness, utilizing EMS technology for enhanced results.
  • EMS Bodysculpting Pro and Lipolaser Neo RF: Advanced body sculpting techniques for targeted fat reduction and muscle toning.
  • Pressotherapy and Light Therapy: Non-invasive treatments to enhance recovery, skin health, and overall well-being.
monaco fit coaching

Monaco Fit Coaching’s Vision for the Future

  • Franchise Opportunities: MFC offers lucrative opportunities for those interested in becoming part of this growing fitness revolution.
  • Expanding Reach: With ongoing expansion plans, MFC is set to become a global leader in innovative fitness solutions.

Visit the Monaco Fit website here now to shop.

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