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Everything you need to know about Neoness Gym Paris

Since its inception in 2008, Neoness Gym Paris has been a game-changer in the fitness industry, reshaping the narrative of traditional gym workouts. Founded by two highly motivated women with a vision to transform the realm of fitness, Neoness has emerged as the top player in the Parisian fitness market within just a few years.

The Neoness Ethos

The primary mission of Neoness Gym Paris was straightforward: providing quality fitness experiences at affordable rates without compromising the personal touch of real coaches. The gym’s approach has always been a blend of cheerful disposition combined with dedicated workouts led by experienced coaches. In essence, their formula is simple: Smile + (Sport x Coach) = Neoness.

With the promise “Feel Better Everyday”, Neoness embodies its mantra by offering a holistic workout experience beyond physical training.

A Rich Heritage

Neoness falls under the umbrella of the Verona Group, which proudly claims to be the pioneer of “smart cost fitness” in France. The name “Verona” intriguingly comes from a contraction of “Véronique and Davina”, a fun and chic twist.

Expanding Horizons

Neoness is more than just a gym; it’s an ever-expanding family. Their latest venture, Neoness Live, brings the energy and expertise of Neoness coaches to your screens. This digital platform allows members to access live and replayed sessions from the comfort of their homes, making fitness more accessible than ever.

ARCHITEK, another recent addition, focuses on the architectural aspect, ensuring that each Neoness club has a unique, inviting, and optimized layout.

What Sets Neoness Apart?

neoness gym
  • Enthusiasm: Neoness thrives on enthusiasm. They believe that positive energy is clean, renewable, and boundless. This spirit of positivity is evident in every corner of their gyms and the smiles of their members.
  • Precision: Functioning with the agility of a start-up and the solidity of a significant group, Neoness ensures that every process runs smoothly. With structured processes and advanced tools, members are always in safe and capable hands.
  • Practicality: Innovation meets pragmatism at Neoness. They focus on real-world solutions, ensuring their members receive the best services without unnecessary complications.

The Neoness Philosophy

At Neoness, sport isn’t just an activity; it’s a passion. They believe in the power of sport to transform lives, bringing joy, strength, and balance. Their coaches are not just trainers but guides, ensuring that every second spent at Neoness adds value to one’s life.

Members of the Neoness family, including Anthony, Matthieu, and Sophia, vouch for its transformative experience, making Neoness more than just a gym – it’s a community.

Join the Revolution

The door is always open for those seeking to redefine their fitness journey or simply to learn more about what Neoness Gym Paris has to offer. Discover current job offers, stay updated with sports news, or become a part of the ever-growing Neoness family.

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