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Gone too soon: Joesthetics passes on at 30

German bodybuilder and fitness influencer, Joesthetics recently passed at age 30. His passing, announced by his girlfriend, Nicha, on IG, has significantly impacted the bodybuilding industry and the fitness community. Joesthetics, whose real name was Jo Lindner, suffered from an aneurysm that caused blot clots due to an obstruction in blood circulation.

Nicha, whose IG handle is @immapeaches, shared that the bodybuilder complained of incessant neck pains, which they didn’t realise was serious until his passing. In her lengthy IG caption, she urged followers to remember Joesthetics for who he was, a motivation and inspiration to many.

Joe Lindner Gone Far Too Soon || Joesthetics

Joesthetics content was primarily on his lifestyle and workout regimen, with him being candid on his steroid use. While many speculated his death resulted from an overdose, his girlfriend cleared things up on her IG story, stating his death was due to an aneurysm and is unfair to make false speculations.

Many YouTubers have poured in their heartfelt condolences to Nicha and Lindners family. YouTubers like Greg Doucette and Christian Guzman have shared videos on his impact on the fitness industry while he was alive. 

Joesthetics will undoubtedly be missed, but his legacy will continue to inspire others to reach their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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