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cheapest gym in berlin

The Cheapest Gym In Berlin Reviewed

When it comes to fitness and staying active, finding an affordable gym that meets your needs is essential. In a bustling city like Berlin, there are various options to consider when choosing a gym.

If you’re searching for a more cost-effective option, Fit X is a good idea. With over 100 locations across Germany, Fit X gyms are the cheapest gyms in Berlin. They are neat and equipped with modern fitness facilities, with the view from the Fit X gym in Alexanderplatz having an amazing view. It also has a spacious gym floor and modern fitness technology. 

Similarly, the Fit X location in Landsberger Allee has a vending machine loaded with protein bars, pre-workout drinks, and energy drinks. It sports a bar where you can go for a refill with merch also sold in the studio. It’s common to find the gym crowded as it is cheap.

CHEAP GYM vs EXPENSIVE GYM, Is it worth paying €100 a month for a gym subscription in #berlin?

The third Fit X location is an aesthetic studio in Berlin East Side Mall, offering high-end gym equipment and weekly group classes, all at an affordable monthly subscription. Fit X monthly subscription costs £24.

Holmes Place is your go-to gym if you’re looking for something rather pricey. With a huge swimming pool, several workout rooms and state-of-the-art gym equipment, this gym costs £96.90 for a monthly membership. 

That’s not all; it features a spa and wellness studio to treat yourself while also offering cycling and yoga classes.

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