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The Top 5 Fitness Influencers from the Netherlands You Need to Follow Now!

Are you looking for some major fitness inspiration? We’ve got you covered! The Netherlands is known for its impressive fitness culture, and there are many talented fitness influencers to follow. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 fitness influencers from the Netherlands, their journeys, and the secrets behind their success. We’ve gathered relevant keywords, social media stats, businesses, and essential information to help you decide who to follow. Get ready to be inspired!

Faya Lourens

fitness influencer from netherlands

Social Media Stats (as of April 2023)

  • Instagram: 1.2 million followers
  • YouTube: 600k subscribers
  • Facebook: 250k likes

Businesses: My Killer Body Motivation (fitness platform), MKBMshop (online store)

Faya Lourens is a well-known fitness influencer, personal trainer, model, actress, author, and entrepreneur from the Netherlands. With her incredible physique and motivating approach, she has garnered a massive social media following. Faya started her career as a model and actress, but her passion for fitness led her to become a certified personal trainer.

Her fitness platform, My Killer Body Motivation, is a hub for workout programs, diet plans, and fitness tips. Faya’s online store, MKBMshop, offers workout gear, supplements, and other fitness essentials. She has also written several books, including “The Cellulite Guide,” which has helped countless readers improve their body composition.

One of Faya’s secrets to success is her consistency and dedication to her workout routines. She firmly believes that a combination of proper nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive mindset is the key to achieving and maintaining a killer body.

Kenzo Alvares

fitness influencer from netherlands

Social Media Stats (as of April 2023)

  • Instagram: 950k followers
  • YouTube: 450k subscribers
  • Facebook: 300k likes

Businesses: Kenzo Alvares Dance Academy, KA Fit

Kenzo Alvares is a renowned dancer, choreographer, and fitness trainer from the Netherlands, known for his expertise in street dance. With his unique style and powerful moves, Kenzo has earned a large following on social media.

Kenzo’s passion for dance began at a young age, and he has since honed his skills through various dance forms, including hip-hop, house, and contemporary. He founded the Kenzo Alvares Dance Academy, where he trains aspiring dancers and choreographs performances for various events.

His fitness venture, KA Fit, offers workout routines and tips for dancers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Kenzo’s dance-inspired workouts not only improve physical fitness but also build mental resilience and discipline.

Kenzo’s secret to success is his ability to blend creativity with fitness. He encourages people to find their unique style and have fun while staying fit.

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge


Social Media Stats (as of April 2023)

Businesses: Gains4Girls (online coaching), Gainful (supplement line)

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge is a fitness model, online coach, and bodybuilder from the Netherlands. She has become a prominent figure in the fitness world with her striking physique and vegan lifestyle. Sophie’s social media presence is filled with workout videos, plant-based recipes, and inspiring content that showcases her dedication to fitness.

Sophie co-founded Gains4Girls, an online coaching platform that offers personalized workout and nutrition plans for women looking to achieve their fitness goals. She also launched her supplement line, Gainful, which provides high-quality, plant-based supplements for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Sophie’s secret to success lies in her commitment to a vegan lifestyle, which has not only helped her build an impressive physique but also allowed her to promote a healthy, sustainable way of living. She advocates for the importance of proper nutrition, mental health, and self-love in achieving overall well-being.

Tavi Castro

Social Media Stats (as of April 2023)

  • Instagram: 1.5 million followers
  • YouTube: 900k subscribers
  • Facebook: 500k likes

Businesses: Body Engineers (clothing line), FitXFearless (online coaching)

Tavi Castro is a fitness model, bodybuilder, DJ, and entrepreneur from the Netherlands. With his captivating physique and engaging personality, Tavi has amassed a large social media following. He began his fitness journey as a soccer player, and his passion for bodybuilding quickly led him to success on the international stage.

Tavi is the founder of Body Engineers, a popular fitness clothing line that combines cutting-edge design with high-performance materials. His online coaching platform, FitXFearless, offers tailored workout and nutrition plans to help clients reach their fitness goals.

Tavi’s secret to success is his relentless pursuit of improvement and his ability to balance multiple passions. He believes in pushing boundaries and constantly striving for greatness in all aspects of life.

Anne Haakmeester

fitness influencer from netherlands

Social Media Stats (as of April 2023):

  • Instagram: 500k followers
  • YouTube: 200k subscribers
  • Facebook: 150k likes

Businesses: Fannetiek (fitness blog), Fannetiek Meal Plans (nutrition plans)

Anne Haakmeester, better known as Fannetiek, is a fitness blogger, nutritionist, recipe developer, and marathon runner from the Netherlands. Anne’s social media platforms are filled with workout tips, healthy recipes, and personal anecdotes about her journey to physical and mental wellness.

Through her fitness blog, Fannetiek, Anne shares her knowledge and experiences with a wide audience, inspiring them to embrace a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She also offers personalized nutrition plans through Fannetiek Meal Plans, which cater to various dietary preferences and fitness goals.

Anne’s secret to success is her authenticity and her commitment to helping others improve their well-being. She believes in the power of a balanced lifestyle, self-love, and the importance of mental health in achieving fitness goals.


These top 5 fitness influencers from the Netherlands are not only inspiring individuals but also successful entrepreneurs who have turned their passion for fitness into thriving businesses. Following their journeys can provide you with valuable insights, motivation, and innovative ideas to help you achieve your own fitness goals.

Whether you’re interested in bodybuilding, dance, veganism, or simply leading a healthier lifestyle, these influencers offer a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. So, go ahead and follow them on social media, and get ready to be inspired!

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