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gyms in finland

Unleashing Fitness Potential: The Top 5 Gyms in Finland

Finland, a Nordic country known for its breathtaking landscapes and innovative culture, is also carving out a niche in the fitness industry. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, finding a well-equipped gym that catifies to your workout needs is easy in this active nation. Here’s a closer look at the top 5 gyms in Finland that are unleashing fitness potential for their members.

1. SATS Elixia – Helsinki

gyms in finland

SATS Elixia, with numerous locations in the capital city of Helsinki, is a premium gym chain in Finland. Offering an extensive range of workout equipment, from cardio machines to weightlifting equipment, it also boasts dedicated areas for functional and circuit training.

Members can enjoy a wide array of group fitness classes, such as Yoga, Spinning, and BodyCombat. Those seeking a more personalized workout plan can avail of the services of professional personal trainers. The monthly membership fee starts at approximately €59, providing access to all gym facilities and group classes.

2. EasyFit – Multiple Locations

gyms in finland

EasyFit, with branches all over Finland, offers top-tier facilities and a wide range of services. Each gym offers a fully equipped workout area, numerous group fitness classes like HIIT, Zumba, and Les Mills programs, and personal training services.

Some locations of EasyFit also provide wellness facilities, including a sauna, where members can unwind after a rigorous workout. The monthly membership fee starts from around €35, allowing unlimited access to the gym and group classes.

3. Fitness24Seven – Multiple Locations

gyms in finland

Fitness24Seven, as the name suggests, is a fitness chain that offers around-the-clock access to their facilities. This is a perfect option for those with demanding schedules as they can workout at their own convenience.

The gym provides a range of workout equipment, various group classes, and personal training services. Moreover, the monthly membership fee is quite competitive, starting at approximately €20, making it a cost-effective choice for a complete fitness routine.

4. Forever – Helsinki

gyms in finland

Located in Helsinki, Forever is known for its modern facilities and diverse range of services. The gym provides an array of workout equipment, group fitness classes such as Pilates, Spinning, and BodyPump, as well as professional personal training services.

Beyond fitness, Forever offers wellness amenities, including a sauna and a relaxation area, for a holistic health experience. The monthly membership fee starts at approximately €49, including unlimited access to all facilities and group classes.

5. GoGo Express – Multiple Locations

GOGO Express Mukkula Club Manager Cam

GoGo Express, with multiple locations across Finland, offers a unique and efficient fitness concept. Each gym features an expansive area with various fitness equipment, focusing on providing a quick yet comprehensive workout.

In addition to the regular gym facilities, members can participate in virtual group fitness classes, enabling them to workout at their own pace. The monthly membership fee is approximately €19, providing an affordable fitness solution for many.

Wrapping Things Up

From the vibrant streets of Helsinki to the serene landscapes of its countryside, the fitness culture in Finland caters to a diverse range of workout styles and fitness goals. Each gym in this list offers a unique blend of services, aiming to create an environment where members feel motivated and empowered. As you explore fitness in Finland, remember that the best gym for you is the one that aligns with your personal needs, fits your budget, and motivates you to stay active. Embrace your fitness journey in the stunning backdrop of Finland!

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